Post Modernism here we come!


Join us at the V&A for the ‘Born to be Wild’ workshop and create the first co-design digital fabric swatch book, co-own a design collection that you can digitally print at a local bureau and make your own garment, go crazy with pattern!

Study the Post-Modernism, art, culture, design and theory with Emma and Mel and apply it to a digital textile design collection and re-live the 80’s.

Welcome to The People’s Print!

Welcome to The People’s Print!  The People’s print is a collaborative group of like minded people with a passion for textile design. Founded by Dr Emma Neuberg and Melanie Bowles, The People’s Print encourages participatory design using old and new, traditional and handmade methods of design combined with digital technology to create new  processes and concepts of textile  design.
Join us at the V&A, The People’s Print will be running a 8 week workshops called ‘Born to be Wild’ starting 14th Oct, where we will be creating the first Co-design fashion swatch book of digitally printed patterns inspired by the Post Modernism exhibition at the V&A.
Ready to share – ready to print – ready to wear.
If you can’t join us follow the progress of the workshop via Twitter, FaceBook and here,

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