‘The Great British Floral’ was a 3 day workshop as part of the British Design season at the V&A. In celebration of The British Floral in parallel with The Chelsea Flower Show to create beautiful florals ready to print and wear. We had such a creative and exciting time and have created two e-books for you to have a go too!


Image by Simon Pask for Laurence King Publishing – Garment design Rosie Martin DIY Couture 

Just some of the fabulous prints created as part of The Great British Floral @ The V&A by the very talented – Belinda, Carole, Kalin, Mair, Mel, Alexis, with thanks to Emma, Alex, Kazusa and Kimberly!

The Paintbrush Flower pot top!


The People’s Print – The Great British Floral – DIY Couture – create your own print – make your own slouch top !
Check out DIY Couture’s new book!! & The People’s Print E-books coming soon !

DIY Couture + The People’s Print!

Image by Simon Pask for Laurence King Publishing

We’ve had so much fun working with Rosie from DIY Couture, whose new book is launched next week. Rosie has created an innovative method of making your own clothes without using traditional patterns – ‘Where eco-fashion meets street style, this is the antithesis of fast-fashion. Absolutely no patterns required!
The collaboration’s maps and instructs the way ‘ to create your own floral’ and make your own DIY top using Rosie’s easy to make top. Two DIY methods come together and we hope for many more to come!  check Rosie’s blog to map the story.

Mair’s Great British Floral Top!

How Will You Dress Yours?


This Friday, ten new Great British Floral prints will be the public domain in the form of beautiful bespoke garment ideas created by ten emerging textile designers.
There’ll be a very special guest appearance too! Watch this space!

Week Two – The Great British Floral – How to design a signature Liberty Print

Designs – Melanie Bowles & Kazusa Takamura

Week Two! How to design a Paintbrush Floral inspired by Liberty’s prints! Don’t worry if you can’t join us an e-book on this tutorial will be out this summer!

Week One – The Great British Floral

Cut and paste, paint and trace, scan and play, we had fun, we worked so hard and began to produce some Great British Florals!

Watch this space!

Floral Collage – The Great British Floral

The People’s Print starts preparing for The Great British Floral at The V&A museum 3 day workshop as part of the British Design season. We celebrate The British Floral in parallel with The Chelsea Flower Show to create beautiful florals ready to print. We use methods of hand craft combined with digital techniques to create unique bespoke designs. Guiding you through the process of design to production and offer a design ‘Toolbox’ of several techniques which enable you to design your own bespoke fabrics, ready to print – ready to wear for Summer!


If you can’t join us, don’t worry we will be producing an The Great British Floral e-book in June!



The Peoples’ Print are getting ready for The Great British Floral workshop creating three tutorials easy to follow for you to create your own glorious designs ready to print. At the end of the workshop in June you will be able to buy our e-book The Great British Floral and follow our easy DIY steps if you can’t make the workshop.

The Great British Floral!

Were getting ready for The People’s print ‘The Great british Floral’ at the V&A, watch this space!