Co-design Design Process Final Stage This Friday!!


Emma starts a process of co-creation with designs and motifs by Pamela, Julie and Melanie. The swatchbook designs become our very own ‘Dover Books Resource’!

There’s so much mileage in each member of the group’s Designs 1 and 2 and with the joint copyright agreement (that Emma shall bring to class) this resource is exclusive to us and our endless use!

Emma called her designs VintageTangoGold and VintageTangoCherry!

This Friday’s task is to keep the edge of Postmodernism but to smooth it over with a commercial (co-designed) vibe!

Co-design is a messy process to start with as you can see from some of Emma’s early attempts!


An early version of VintageTangoCherry fusing Pamela and Julie’s motifs together.


Our top tips are:

1. Look over the Born To Be Wild Extended E-book (see blog post below) taking in each members’ Designs 1 and 2.

2. Let your mind find natural pairings.

3. Sketch out mini ideas of how these might piece together in your notebook.

4. Begin the Photoshop process with Layers and opacity settings.

5. Play!

6. Home in on the design you might actually wear and take it to the next level. Squinting at it helps!

7. Make two or three flattened copies and then play with the Hue, Saturation & Light and Levels.


MemphisNapolitana, Emma’s design from last week featuring motifs by Hatice, Melanie and Emma, came out of this Photoshop frenzy:




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